Champagne, France

With more than 180 years of existence, Deutz is one of the most acclaimed Champagne house. Since 1838, Deutz produces Champagnes in an elegant and subbtle style, thanks to 190 hectares located in primes locations. 85% of its vines are indeed planted over Grand Cru and Premier Cru lands. From the selection of the grapes to the blending and ageing, every decision is made to craft top quality champagnes.

Its tête de cuvée, Amour de Deutz is seeked by Champagne lovers, and is recognized as one of the very best. On 26th March 2014, Chinese president Xi Jinping and wife Peng Liyuan attended the state dinner hosted by French President Hollande in the Élysée Palace, 2005 Amour de Deutz was served during the dinner!

Amour de Deutz 2007

Inspired by the graceful cherub from whom its name derives, Amour de Deutz is a rare cuvée. Born of the romance of Chardonnay’s grands crus and nurtured in a haven of natural chalk, it boasts the impish charm of youth, which will gradually softens over the years to reveal the grape’s quintessential qualities in a harmony for all the senses. A unique, refined and amazing cuvée.

Champagne Deutz Collection