San Felice, Pugnitello 2011/13


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Region: Tuscany - Italy

Grape: 100% Pugnitello 

ColorIntense purple-red

Scents: With a complex bouquet comprising notes of cinnamon, cloves, wild berry conserves and tobacco

Palate: Velvety, with massive fruit and flavour

Pugnitello is an ancient Tuscan native grape variety almost disappeared, whose name (little fist) refers to the shape of its cluster. Following its re-discovery in the late 80’s, it has been researched in San Felice’s experimental Vineyard and in 2006 the first production of a wine made entirely from this grape was released to the market. Pugnitello is noteworthy for its distinctive characteristics, smoothness and full-bodied concentration.

JS 91 Pts;  WS 92 Pts