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Loire, France

*Biodynamic Wine

The Amirault family has lived at Le Clos des Quarterons for over 180 years. Those 180 years have been filled with stories, soul-searching and doubt but also joy. For almost two centuries, six generations have paced the vines and guided the wines, respecting the work of their predecessors and making quality their priority.

To preserve the environment, they use simple, common-sense methods as they work on their vines. They constantly strive to achieve a natural balance across the entire estate. This led them to the decision to run our vineyard based on the precepts of biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture respects life. It is far more than just a list of specifications. The ecosystem lies at the crossroads of energies from the Earth (roots) and Space (flowers, leaves and fruit). The daily life of all those working at Le Clos des Quarterons is rooted in this simple theory.